Sky Business Solution offers general business advisory to companies, especially the start-ups. We also serve different large corporations on several areas of business requirements.

We have a team of experts that assess businesses a business venture’s bankability and risks.

Our business advisory services offer also focused on international businesses, especially new businesses coming into Nigeria for the first time. We provide guidance and carry out necessary due diligence on intending business undertakings in Nigeria.

By and large, we specifically provide the following services:

  • Provides agency services.
  • Offers international business advisory.
  • Carries out due diligence and verifications on behalf of clients.
  • Business plan analysis.
  • Provides technical assistance to small and international business clients in the research and development of business plans, marketing plans and business development requirements.
  • Assesses business proposals together with client’s business status to evaluate viability and bankability of business proposals and advises clients accordingly e.t.c.